Wax Clinic 2013

Wax Clinic 2013

Thanks Tom Bisel of Fit to Be Tri’d, Northfield MN for a great wax clinic

If you missed this evenings wax clinic or just want to refresh your memory, here is a great video on nordic ski waxing:  http://www.skifastwax.com/fast-wax-news/videos/video-transcripts/basic-ski-waxing-instructions/

The following is a summary of this evenings session:

  • Base wax is a soft protective wax.  New skis should have up to 5 layers of base wax.   The base layer is followed by color-coded waxes determined by snow temperature:  red – 22-32F/25-28F optimal, blue/12-28F/18-22 optimal and green, a cold weather wax.  You can also use low florinated paste wax.
  •  Begin with skis at room temperature.  Scrape off the old wax, using a short scraping motion. Brush with a steel brush to open pores to receive the next layer of wax.   When you first use your steel brush, put a directional arrow on the brush and always brush in the same direction.    Apply a couple of coats of base wax followed a coat of red, then blue, then green wax.
  •  To apply wax, use a ski iron to drip wax about every half-inch. Use light pressure and iron until liquid wax pools on the back of the iron.   The wax is usually even after two passes. Clean the center groove and edges with a plastic scraper. Cool the skis to room temperature for at least a half hour to allow the wax to absorb into the ski.  Scrape holding a scraper with 2 hands – tip to tail. Brush to with steel brush open pours.  Finish blue or green wax.  Brush with steel, then nylon then horsehair brushes.
  •  If you use paste wax apply in a swirling motion as you do waxing a car.  Dry the paste wax 3 minute to haze.  Buff with horse hair brush then a nylon brush.
  •  Wax several times throughout the season.  “If your ski bottoms are white, they are starving for wax.”
  •  At the end of season apply base wax to preserve skis until next season.
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