V1 Skating

The V1 skate technique is a universal technique used in many types of conditions and terrain.  Birkie skiers primarily use the V1 technique although in recent years the V2 stroke once a sole domain of the elite skier, has seen a greater use by the citizen racer.  The V1 technique is an asymmetrical poling movement where the skier uses a slightly off-set poling motion.  A skier will generally have a strong side where that arm is the primary power arm.  It is good however, to have the ability to use both sides when the course demands it or simply to avoid over tiring one arm. In the V1 there is a three-one action.  This means that both poles (the power arm and the slightly off set pole/arm) and the step of gliding ski of the strong side make contact with the snow at the same time.  Using directional focus the skier uses a slight  upper body compress or crunch to maximize the upper body muscles along with the power arm to propel him/her forward. Then after the glide on the power side is near completed the torso and trunk shifts to the weaker side with directional focus so that the skier’s weight shifts onto that ski.  In flat conditions a skier will have less of a v skate whereas in hilly conditions using the V1 the legs will be farther apart to climb the hill.

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