Preseason Dryland Training

Dryland Training - not for the faint of heart or knees! (Photo: Mike Harper)

Dryland Training – not for the faint of heart or knees!

Follow these suggestions from Coach Asp and you will be stronger when the snow flies:

  • If you have inline skates or rollerskis practice no pole skating, double pole, V1 and V2 Alternate/open field.  Focus on good technique i.e. complete weight shift, long glides, good directional focus, appropriate arm movements in poling with good follow through, and high hips.
  • Pole walking/running  – Go for a walk or run with your poles particularly on the bluffs or hills.
  • Hill bounding with poles – Bound up short hills like a kangaroo, swing arms in a classic poling method.
  • Hill bounding without poles –  Bound up using more of a skating motion i.e. more side to side.  Focus on powerful push offs on each leg.
  • Run at least three to five times a week and vary the distance from 2 to 5 miles.
  • Once or twice a week on your run, run hard for short distances (between light or electrical poles) then recover by running slow.  Run hard, run easy, then run hard again, then easy…to begin start small and build number of times you run hard.
  • Upper body strengthening – everyday!
    • Push-ups  build to 75 per day
    • Crunches  build to 100 per day
    • Abdominal holds (do both legs separately 5 times for 15 seconds each
    • Side plank (30 sec both sides)
    • Front plank (1 minute and build)
  • At home, when watching tv or if just standing around, wear your ski boots and stand on one leg balancing as long as you can.
  • Avoid the elevator, run the steps!
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