Gear Basics

Needed for Team Participation:

Equipment is expensive but check for ski swaps,  and rentals are available from Tyrol in Rochester or Gear West in Long Lake MN (wester suburb of cities).  Both of these and Finn Sisu in St Paul MN offer ski team discounts if you choose to purchase skis.

  • Skate and/or classic skis to match skiers weight and ability.  Advanced skiers are encouraged to have a pair of each.
  • Bindings to match boot binding system
  • Skate and or classic ski boots to match skis and bindings,  Skate boots can be used with classic skis but not the other way around.
  • Ski poles (height of upper lip for skate, under arm for classic.) Also make sure to outfit your poles with dryland tips and then snow tips once snow flies.
  • Rollerskiis (optional, we have team rollerskis to rotate among skiers)
  • Nordic ski gloves
  • Lightweight and heavy (warm) hat/ear muff
  • Balaclava for cold days
  • Base layer long underwear, tops and bottoms
  • Extra set of tops layer underwear
  • Wind block pants
  • Breathable lightweight jacket and/or vest
  • Wind brief for guys

NO JEANS or  COTTON SWEATS as when wet they can lead to hypothermia.  Heavy winter jackets will get too warm after a few minutes of skiing but are great for the ride home after a good workout. Dressing for the conditions is extremely important.  Once the core heats up then the extremities warm.  Dress in layers – skiers should start out comfortable or very slightly cool as you warm up quickly.  You can peel layers off, preferably before you sweat.  Once you sweat you can’s stop for long before you get cold.  Your first layer should be long underwear – Smart Wool or Under Armor work well, then one or two top layers on top covered by a vest.

Wear wool socks and good gloves or mittens for cold temperatures.  A balaclava is also suggested as it covers the whole head or can be pulled to the chin or neck.  Foot and hand warmers are also great in cold conditions.  You need to let them warm up for at least 20 minutes before you use them.

Checklist – What’s in Your Ski Bag?  

___ ski poles/boots/skis

___ gloves including an extra pair, hand warmers

___ hat, balaclava, optional ear muffs

___ layers: base layer, warming layer, vest, breathable jacket and windproof pants

___ wool socks including an extra pair

___ running shoes

___ water bottle with belt and healthy ski snacks,

___ dark glasses

___ dry clothes if you have a long ride home

___ if traveling: homework/book and  cash